Hello there! I’m Daisy, your Digital Solutions Partner.

Since 2007 my passion for helping small businesses succeed coupled with a strong affinity for the WordPress Content Management System led me on a fulfilling path toward bringing my skills and experiences back to their roots. Working with individual business owners with technical challenges so they can focus on achieving their unique business goals.

With over a decade of hands-on experience in both front-end and back-end technologies, I’ve fine-tuned my expertise in creating seamless, user-friendly digital solutions for small businesses. But my commitment goes beyond just developing websites. I believe in transforming digital challenges into tangible business opportunities.

My Digital Odyssey: Empowering Small Businesses

In the ever-evolving digital world, I’ve been driven by a singular mission: to aid small businesses in their journey through the intricate maze of technology, ensuring they not only survive but flourish.

The foundations of my commitment were laid at Rainmaker Digital. Supporting the Genesis Theme Framework and WordPress plugins was more than just product support; it was about establishing a vibrant community of professionals. By nurturing forums and crafting resources, I aimed to cultivate a sense of belonging among our users. I realized early on that true empowerment stems from collective growth, and by providing guidance, support, and training, I enabled businesses to navigate the digital space confidently.

My next adventure at Rainmaker Digital further crystallized this belief. Tasked with implementing strategic plans for WordPress-centric websites, I recognized the importance of not just creating but educating. But also ensuring every strategy was complemented with comprehensive technical documentation. For me, empowering a business meant providing them not just with tools, but with the knowledge to wield them effectively.

Transitioning to Valet Web Advisors, my role evolved, but the essence remained consistent. In a digital realm bustling with possibilities, I witnessed many small businesses grappling to harness technology’s full potential. Responding to this, I championed initiatives to refine workflows, making the digital journey intuitive and accessible. The aim was simple: demystify the digital landscape, turning it from an intimidating frontier into a familiar playground.

My time at Automattic epitomizes this commitment. Here, I collaborated closely with dedicated WordPress developers, assisting them in keeping up with the changing landscape of theme development. But more than that, I took immense pride in ensuring that behind every theme, every line of code, there was a robust foundation. By aiding developers in building these foundations and by providing robust technical documentation, I ensured businesses had a strong digital base to build upon.

Looking back, my journey has always been about partnership and empowerment. Through every transition, every project, my aim has been clear: to ensure that small businesses have the tools, knowledge, and confidence to tell their unique stories in the digital age.

Beyond The Pixels: Daisy Unplugged

When I’m not immersed in the world of code or guiding businesses through the digital landscape, you’ll often find me exploring more tactile and earthy passions.

Knitting, for instance, is my sanctuary. With every stitch and weave, I find a rhythm that’s meditative, allowing my mind to wander or simply relish the quiet moments. It’s an art that resonates with me deeply, reminding me that sometimes, the simplest patterns can create the most intricate designs.

Traveling with my family is another joy. There’s nothing like discovering new horizons, experiencing different cultures, and making memories with the ones I hold dear. Each journey we embark upon is a story in itself, a testament to our shared love for adventure.

While on the road or during quiet evenings at home, I lose myself in audiobooks. They’ve become my windows to myriad worlds, offering insights, escapades, and wisdom from corners I might not have explored otherwise.

And for those who know me well, they’d attest to my (slightly) obsessive love for productivity tools. I’m a chronic trier! The thrill of exploring new platforms, understanding their mechanics, and discerning if they could become the next big tool in my digital arsenal is an adventure in itself.

In essence, while the digital realm is where I professionally thrive, these personal pursuits provide balance, offering glimpses into a world beyond pixels and code, and grounding me in the simple joys of life.

Lifelong Pursuit: An Ode to Continuous Learning

The digital landscape is vast and dynamic, a never-ending expanse of innovation and possibilities. And while it is where my professional heart beats strongest, my soul is constantly yearning for more – for a deeper understanding, broader perspectives, and new horizons. This insatiable hunger for knowledge has led me to identify as a polymath, someone deeply dedicated to learning across multiple domains.

Throughout my life, the world has been my classroom. Every experience, every encounter, is an opportunity to learn and grow. From diving deep into the intricate layers of code, exploring the nuances of art and culture during my travels, to unraveling the mysteries of the universe through books and discourse, my journey has been one of continuous exploration.

Being a life-long learner is more than just about acquiring knowledge; it’s about connecting the dots. It’s understanding that the rhythm in a line of code might mirror the pattern in a series of knitting stitches or that the principles that govern the digital realm can find parallels in the most unexpected places. This unique approach has not only enriched my personal life but has also brought a distinct flavor to my professional endeavors. By constantly adding new tools, ideas, and perspectives to my repertoire, I ensure that the solutions I craft are innovative, holistic, and resonate on multiple levels.

For me, continuous learning is not just a passion; it’s a way of life. It’s about remaining curious, challenging the status quo, and always seeking to better oneself. And as I continue on this lifelong journey, I’m constantly reminded of the endless wonders the world holds, waiting to be discovered, understood, and celebrated.

Are you ready to turn your digital challenges into business opportunities? Let’s embark on that journey together!