WordPress 2.7

WPcampcena logo #2
I’ve been anticipating the WordPress 2.7 release, named “Coltrane”, since WordCamp NYC back in October. Initially, the thought of another major dashboard redesign made me a bit nervous. After all the negative reactions to the 2.6 design I hoped that it would not be a repeat performance.

The end result is that, while there is still room for improvement, the new interface is taking things in a positive direction. The ability to edit the contents and layout of the dashboard and the Write screen are enough of a benefit that I can overlook the minor frustrations of having to scroll down to find menu options when I have too many menus expanded in the dashboard navigation.

I’ve upgraded my own blog and plan to begin upgrading my clients blogs sometime next week. If you would like to get an overview of some of the bigger changes check out this very professionally produced screencast:

Creative Commons License photo credit: EMMEALCUBO