Twitter, User's addictive tendencies and the reliabilty of the service

Twitter dpwnageI’ve recently joined the masses and built a community of familiar faces avatars on Twitter. In the few weeks that I’ve been enjoying the conversation I’ve also seen times of frustration when Either the Twitter API goes down or, like now, all of Twitter becomes inaccessible. This got me thinking if I, after just a few weeks of tweeting, get frustrated when I can’t see what these distant people are talking about how must the long time users feel.

I realize, from doing some simple searching that the Twitter service going down frequently is hardly newsworthy at this point. I found one site that really says it all about the reliability of Twitter. This site is entirely devoted to answering the question: Is Twitter Down?

Anyway, once Twitter is back online you can feel free to follow me Here

Creative Commons License photo credit: tastybit