How to Use Custom Nav Menus

Step One:

Go to Dashboard > Genesis > Theme Settings, and select Custom Nav Menu as shown in the screenshot below:

Step Two:

Go to Dashboard > Appearance > Menus and create your Custom Menu.

Step Three:

Click Screen Options in the upper right corner of the Menus page to choose which options you wish to show for your menu items.

Step Four:

Select the items you wish to add to your menu, and click “Add to Menu”. You can simply drag and drop the items into the order you wish them to appear.

Step Five:

Once the menu has been saved, you can assign it to the Theme Location unless it is to be used as a widget.

Step Six:

There are times you may need a custom link – the most frequently requested is “Home”. This can be added by selecting “Add Home Link” in the Custom Links section. This can also be used to create a top-level item that can not be clicked – the “Categories” link in the screenshot above. Simply label the Custom Link, and use # as the URL.


To see a better example of this new feature in action, check out this video screencast our developer, Nathan Rice, recorded.

WordCamp Chicago 2010, Retrofitting WordPress Themes

This is the slideshow from my presentation at WordCamp Chicago 2010.  It covers adding support for custom navigation menus to existing themes.  Custom Menus are a new feature for WordPress 3.0 that will make adding very flexible navigation menus to your site very easy.

Search Engine Optimization

This pretty much sums up my feelings about Search Engine Optimization tactics in general. 1% Common Sense and 99% Craziness.

Emerging from the Long Silence with Upcoming Appearances!

It’s been a busy few months since WordCamp NYC. One of the funny things about working on websites for other people is that your own site tends to fall by the wayside.  So I thought I’d post an update on my conference schedule.  I can’t say I’ve ever had a conference schedule before. I sort of like it. I might even consider making it a semi-regular sort of thing.

First,  I’m going to be in Boston this weekend for the first ever WordCamp Boston!  I’ll be speaking on the Parent/Child theme structure.  It will be a great conference and I’m really looking forward to networking and all the great stuff that the event planning group has put together!

On January 28th the first Hudson Valley WordPress Meetup will convene.  This will be an informal meeting to establish the group and get to know each other.

My next trip will be down to Nashville to attend and lead 2 workshops at the Blissdom Conference.  I’ll be meeting so many people I’ve had the opportunity to work with over the last year and change, It’s very exciting!

Last, but not least,  I’ll be speaking in the WordPress track at the CMS Expo in Chicago from May 3rd-5th.  I’m honored to be asked to present and I’m looking forward to the chance to help spread the wonderful world of WordPress to a group that does not already use it.  The fact that WordPress is being brought into Content Management circles more and more shows that the platform has matured beyond blogging. Something I’ve seen since I first started working with the system nearly 4 years ago.

That covers my planned schedule for the immediate future. It’s subject to change and expansion ;-)

Slides from WordCamp NYC 2009 Presentations

Thanks to everyone that attended my WordCamp NYC 2009 Presentations.  Below you will find the slides from each session.

Choosing the Right theme for Your blog

Introduction to WordPress Theming

The sample theme that was discussed briefly in the Intro to Creating Themes Session can be downloaded