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This pretty much sums up my feelings about Search Engine Optimization tactics in general. 1% Common Sense and 99% Craziness.

Emerging from the Long Silence with Upcoming Appearances!

It’s been a busy few months since WordCamp NYC. One of the funny things about working on websites for other people is that your own site tends to fall by the wayside.  So I thought I’d post an update on my conference schedule.  I can’t say I’ve ever had a conference schedule before. I sort of like it. I might even consider making it a semi-regular sort of thing.

First,  I’m going to be in Boston this weekend for the first ever WordCamp Boston!  I’ll be speaking on the Parent/Child theme structure.  It will be a great conference and I’m really looking forward to networking and all the great stuff that the event planning group has put together!

On January 28th the first Hudson Valley WordPress Meetup will convene.  This will be an informal meeting to establish the group and get to know each other.

My next trip will be down to Nashville to attend and lead 2 workshops at the Blissdom Conference.  I’ll be meeting so many people I’ve had the opportunity to work with over the last year and change, It’s very exciting!

Last, but not least,  I’ll be speaking in the WordPress track at the CMS Expo in Chicago from May 3rd-5th.  I’m honored to be asked to present and I’m looking forward to the chance to help spread the wonderful world of WordPress to a group that does not already use it.  The fact that WordPress is being brought into Content Management circles more and more shows that the platform has matured beyond blogging. Something I’ve seen since I first started working with the system nearly 4 years ago.

That covers my planned schedule for the immediate future. It’s subject to change and expansion ;-)

Slides from WordCamp NYC 2009 Presentations

Thanks to everyone that attended my WordCamp NYC 2009 Presentations.  Below you will find the slides from each session.

Choosing the Right theme for Your blog

Introduction to WordPress Theming

The sample theme that was discussed briefly in the Intro to Creating Themes Session can be downloaded

Let's get this thing going!

A few months back, when I re-branded my business as WP Mama, I had every intention of posting lots of tips, tricks and answers to questions on this site. Life has a way of throwing things in my path, though, and I’ve not yet started to write. I’ve been busy, though, even if I don’t have much solid evidence as proof. I think, though, that it’s about time I start putting some of what I spend my time on into something a bit more tangible than a million trial and error attempts at WordPress Nirvana. My work is never documented except in my ever growing number of half filled note pads(Yes, I do use real paper, made from trees.) It’s about time I change my ways and start writing it up!

This week my energy is focused on finding the best way to use WordPress MU (Multi-User) to build Multiple Author, content focused sites with social and community components built in, but not as the primary focus. I’ve periodically glanced at the MU version of WordPress over the years and I always found it lacking in one regard or another. I was pleasantly surprised to find, now, that MU encompasses all that makes WordPress the incredibly extensible Content Management System that it is with the added benefit of being capable of running multiple sites and even multiple domains from a single back-end. WordPress MU no longer feels like the younger sibling that get’s features added second hand. With the news that MU and WordPress would be merged together at some, as yet undisclosed date, it seemed like a good idea to get a feel for how I might be able to start moving some sites to a scalable system that will give them room to grow and flexibility to choose their own structure.

Next I’ll be looking at BuddyPress, what I think is great, what I think needs work, and what I plan to contribute ;-)