Choosing a Camera for a Young Blogger

I’m sure that there will be those that disagree with my view on purchasing a good camera for a kid. I will attempt to defend my opinion on the matter. My little blogger had been using our old FujiFilm SLR-like 3.2mp camera. A good camera for it’s time. The lack of image stabilization made most of his images come out much less than crisp. I firmly believe that having the right tools will make the adoption of a new routine much more enjoyable and in turn will encourage him to continue on for more than just a few days.


A cool accessory:

[asa]B000BP4ZQY[/asa] – Pop-Up Shade. This is very cool for him since it both shades the LCD screen in the sun and also protects the screen from scratches and such.

I am not all that much of a photographer but here are some of the points that made me choose this particular camera:

  • 8 MP – Pretty standard for an entry level camera at this time
  • 6X Optical Zoom – About the best I found in this price range
  • Optical Image Stabilization – better than digital for still shots, according to my research
  • Face detection. This works. It even figured out the face of the cat.
  • Takes 2 AA Batteries – NiMh Rechargable batteries are a great choice. Keep a few sets charged for long photo shoots.
  • Uses SD cards – a plus if you already have a bunch of these around the house for other devices.
  • Lot’s of settings and optional accessories available so the camera can grow with him.


  • Price – the street price for this camera is around $200. I’ve seen it at low as $169 online.
  • No neck strap. It comes with a wrist strap. Kids are not always coordinated enough to work all the controls AND keep a good hold of the camera.
  • A little too big to fit in Jeans pocket. It will fit in a jacket pocket, but really, a neck strap or bag would be a better bet anyway.
  • Comes with 16mb SD card. A waste of plastic these days.

Once he really starts using the new camera I should be able to come back and report on whether or not this particular camera was the right choice for him.


  1. I’m thinking about the lack of neckstrap issue…I think getting the kind of lanyard that people hang their work IDs on (like this one: and a tiny split ring (keyring style) would work. Put the split ring/key ring into the area on the camera where you’d normally hook in the wrist strap, then put the metal snap of the lanyard through the key ring. Not ideal, but better than a wrist strap. I’m vertically challenged so I usually end up tying a knot in the loop end of the lanyard to adjust the length.

  2. Thanks for the comment ! I did actually clip a lanyard to it the first day. He was unimpressed and took it off. The fact that it doesn’t attach on both sides and so it hangs diagonally bothers him a bit, I think. Also, he thinks it looks “cool” to have it on his wrist. Overall it’s a small problem to have. The pictures are really very good.

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