Firefox – Loaded

I’ve been using the Firefox web browser almost exclusively for a few years. Initially I found that I needed to have IE ready to launch in order to see the seemingly large number of sites that had created websites that wouldn’t display unless you had one of the browsers for which the site had been optimized. This is not the case today. Most of the websites that I visit have “seen the light.” Ok, so they might not be producing XHTML compliant code or css based design but things are certainly better than they once were.

Firefox has amazing potential to be whatever someone wants it to be through the use of plugins. I am a sucker for extensibility. I love taking a solid core and making it behave just the way that I want. I am still amazed, at times, that so many individuals will not only create applications to do a staggering array of things, but also offer them up to the whole world to use and, in the case of open source, modify.

I recently went on a plugin rampage in Firefox. I figured I’d share some of what I am now using. There are some social networking plugins. I can access most of what I need at any moment with just a few clicks or hot keys. What I can’t get right into Firefox I have found iGoogle widgets to suit my needs. Some of the plugins I’m using at the moment will be removed and others will be added, but here’s my current list of 31 plugins: generated by the Extension List Dumper plugin, actually…

You may have noticed the frequency of the word Google in that list. I waver between seeing Google as “Big Brother” and as a really useful set of tools. I suspect they are a little of each.

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